Geezersquad 2019 Update

My Fellow Geezer Squad Members,

What a banner year 2019 was for the Geezer Squad! We were able to make a significant impact across Montgomery County for the TWUMC Local Missions Program. Through your willingness and faithfulness to be an active part of the Geezer Squad, we were able to serve and accomplish many things together for those in need in our community.

From the Hurricane Harvey relief and restorations to Habitat For Humanity homes to wheelchairs for the needy, we have been very active. The Woodforest Church Geezer Squad has been formed and competed their first project in December. We now have our own tool trailer. Several of the Squad have stepped forward to take increased leadership roles. Thank you Allen, Warren, Denny, Al, and Mark.

Below summarizes what we accomplished in 2019:

> Harvey Rehab and Imelda Work Days – 16 work days. Under Gary Hill’s leadership we were able to make a major impact in restoring homes and lives for those devastated in our community by the major storms. Many additional hours and planning went into preparing and coordinating for each of those work days.

> Habitat For Humanity – 28 work days. Under Jim Stanley’s leadership and coordination, we were able to complete and dedicate a new home and start another. The Geezer Squad has been an integral part of this program and are always commended for the excellence of our work product. Additionally, under Ted Irwin’s and other’s leadership, the Geezers are a major part of the Thursday Work Crew at Habitat and leadership in the Women’s Habitat build.

> Wheelchair Ramps Built – 30. With the reduced emphasis on storm rehabs, we were able to focus more on the wheelchair and deck builds. This is the most ramps ever built in one year by the Geezer Squad. The Squad built wheelchairs ramps from Porter to Montgomery for families having a real mobility need. Some were for emergency cases where clients could not go home from the hospital without the ramp. We got to show God’s love for them and our willingness to serve.

> Work Projects – 23+. The Squad did multiple other projects throughout the county. We built and/or repaired decks and steps, fencing projects, work days at Angel Reach among other things. There are many other projects done that we failed to capture.

> Budget Expenditure - $30,000. As you know this is for only material; our labor is not charged. If you feel so led, you can donate directly or monthly to the Local Missions – Geezer Fund.

> Total of 97 Work Days – This does not captures the time and front end effort required for each project.

I thought you might be interested in historically what the Geezer Squad has completed as of the end of this year. The Geezer Squad was formed in February 2008.

Wheelchair Ramps Built – 102

Habitat For Humanity Homes (since 2002)

17 Additional Work Projects

50+ (most likely significantly more) Hurricane Harvey,

Tax Day Flood, and Imelda Relief – 100+ days

2020 promises to be another active year for the Geezer’s. During 2018-19 our name and reputation is becoming well known throughout the charity organizations in Montgomery County. We are becoming the “go to” group for many organizations because we are willing to serve and can move quickly.

Gary, Jim, and I want to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas. It was a pleasure and a blessing to work with you in serving the Lord this year in this ministry. May God continue to bless you and your family in 2020. Thank you for your service. God Bless, Billy Don Davis

Don Davis